Own Your Own CBD Store!!!

CBD is projected to be over a $20 Billion dollar market by 2020!

Why Join Sacred Leaf?

Sacred Leaf Zero produces and manufactures the best CBD products in the USA. Because we handle every process from the seed to the shelf, we can hold ourselves to the highest standards and produce an amazing CBD product for everyone!

Our products start with our own patented strains of hemp. These strains are planted in one of our 1200 acres of organic hemp fields in the USA. When it comes time to harvest, our team transports the raw materials to our 22,000 square foot lab facility where we start our cold-pressed CO2 extraction process to produce our finished products. During this process, we test every batch and before sending out to the stores, we make sure those lab results are posted on our website.

Not only does our product stand out among the competition, but we offer our Retail License Partners (we are not a CBD franchise) an amazing opportunity for helping us grow the brand! As a store owner, you get consulting and training through the entire process.

We can help you pick a location and negotiate the lease, we can advise you on decorations and furniture, and even put you in touch with our network of professionals to handle signage, bookkeeping, marketing, legal advice, insurance, merchant services, and more! We have developed a process to opening a store that is cost effective and efficient for your success.

Our stores are currently having different levels of success! Stores can generate upwards of $85,000 monthly in sales! We typically see (with proper marketing, training, and locations) stores around the 90-day mark selling $25-35,000 monthly.

If you are interested, please look over our flyer explaining the expected costs to open a store. We are more than happy to discuss further with you about how you can get into the CBD world!

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Frequently and Questions

Q. Is this a franchise?

a. No. We are not a franchise. Sacred Leaf offers retail partners the ability to license our name, brand, logo, to build their own company and store. We do not charge royalties or fees that may be incurred with a franchise.

Q. What is the initial investment/startup cost?

a. These costs range from around $30,000 on up. Check out our flyer (link to flyer) for more info on what these costs are for!

Q. How much can I earn?

a. Your earnings will range and depend on how you market and promote your store. It can depend on location and training as well. This is why we want to help you along the way to be able to put you in a great location and help you prepare for success!

Q. Is there protected territory?

a. We want each and every one of our stores to succeed. That is why we protect each store. Your store may get protection based on mileage or population density. This will be discussed on an individual basis.

Q. Where and how do I order inventory?

a. All inventory purchases are made online. You will pay with ACH, Wire transfer or Credit Card when available.

Q. Do I get training?

a. Of course! We have hours of training videos, digital study guides and quizzes, as well as private forums for training, asking questions, and getting more info about our products as well as CBD in general.